SEO Trends For 2021

10 SEO Trends for 2021

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-varying field of marketing. Day by day, you hear about a fresh algorithm by Google to offer its users with the finest content from the web. Therefore, you have to change a lot of your SEO strategies to deal with the variations. As an SEO expert, you are constantly learning about upcoming SEO trends as well as Google trends while boosting your strategies so that your website rank on top.

We have compiled a listing of the top 10 Upcoming SEO Trends 2021 that will aid you craft your SEO strategy in 2021.

AI will play a huge role

Artificial intelligence or AI is varying how people cooperate with online content. Google’s AI algorithm is particularly worth nothing. Experts deem that user experience signals are the majorly determinant. These could contain factors from click-through rate to time spent on page. You need to enchant and connect readers with valuable, well-organized content. An on-page SEO checker can assist you assess page strength based on points like readability, backlinks, and more.

Voice Search technology will have a greater impact

Voice search technology has come an extensive way. As equipment has been advanced, it’s also grown popularity. Actually, the proportion of households expected to own a smart speaker by 2022 is fifty five percent.

To optimize your keywords for voice search, consider your keywords. Recognize longer phrases that individuals use in daily conversation. Voice searches are liable to do better with longer, more natural-sounding phrasing.

Mobile Friendly Website Will Get Higher Ranking

The search engine looks mostly at the mobile version of a website, deeming this the primary version as a substitute of the desktop version. This modification makes sense, given that almost seventy three percent of internet users will access the internet solely through mobile devices by 2025.

Zero-Click Searches

The perception of zero-click searches has been at the center of Google for an extended time. However it is merely since March 2020 that Google initiated to spotlight on zero-click searches.

Simply put, without clicking away from Google, a user should be able to discover an answer directly on Google. Google scans your website to discover the component of your content that answers a user’s question as well as displays it as a top result. In this method, the user can end their search with zero clicks.

To let users to take benefit of this feature, Google has pioneered diverse cards and snippets that you can integrate with your site. It is one of the most noteworthy SEO trends in 2021, which is why you should begin utilizing featured snippets along with cards of special types, such as paragraphs, lists, tables, videos, etc., for enhanced SERP rankings.

Implementation of structure data

Structure data is becoming rapidly significant as well as it lets your content to be easily understood by diverse search engines. Google also provides you a Structured Data Testing Tool that you can use to familiarize yourself with the concept and start applying structured data for your website as well as landing pages. It delivers rich results from your website or else landing pages to appear on Search Engine Result Pages.  Having such rich results being made obtainable on the user’s screen leaves a lasting impact on customer and also help fabricate brand authority in the eyes of your market audience.

Website Security

As technology is advancing, the requirement for a website security is advancing even faster. Google considers website protection a significant aspect when ranking your website. The Google emphasizes on website security more in 2021, as the users are responsive of the threats present in a non-secure internet environment. If people do not feel secure accessing your page, they will prevent visiting your site and your ranking in the SERPS will surely drop.

To make sure that you keep your website protected, you should establish an SSL certificate plus use plugins that make your website protected.


When you consider from Google’s perception, you will appreciate that just like any other business, they want their users to use their services as much as probable. Therefore, Google wants you to ensure site user-friendly, which will offer a great end-to-end user experience.

If a user visits your website but leaves rapidly, Google would mark your website as irrelevant. This sequentially would make your website lose ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Therefore, center on making your website user-friendly by taking concern of the following features of your website:

  • website should have greater navigation
  • website’s page should load as rapidly as possible
  • website should look striking with good fonts, colors, plus themes
  • website should be interactive
  • website’s visitors should discover content that they enjoy

Long-Form Content

Long content that has three thousand plus words get three times more traffic, four times more shares, and three and half times more backlinks than a standard length article i.e. 900-1200 words.

One thing that you should center here is that the word length, but the quality of the content. If you look at content neutrally, any individual can write a small article that has 0 values to add to anybody reading it. But, a long article, on the other hand, will definitely have at least some value to add to the reader.

Google has a propensity to favor long-form content because not everybody can write lengthy content. Only those who have profound knowledge of a topic are talented in writing long and lengthy content.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the procedure of optimizing your online presence to object local communities and local areas. Local SEO’s development is in fraction because of the rise of zero-click searches, which some SEO marketers are dubbing the novel normal. Many zero-click searches are confined searches that show results on the SERP in what’s been called a local pack.

Most individuals use search engines to moreover solve a question or else to buy localized goods and services. Thus, as an SEO professional, you should always endeavor to target a local audience since this means less competition, superior quality services, as well as enhanced SERP.