How Good is a2hosting For Your Website?


A2hosting Hosting Plan Services

A2 Hosting is known for its high-power hosting services and they are the best in their services. Providing you with high-speed hosting services is not always a good idea but having good features and benefits is what every customer comes and searches for. It is for that reason it is the best idea for you to try A2hosting hosting services. If you take a look at the website, then it is seen that the company has claimed that nearly 97 percent of customers are very much satisfied. Apart from that, they are also promising to provide you with 20X faster servers and it is good for the customers as well. 

So, the customers who want to get the best deals on hosting services can get in touch with  A2hosting hosting service providers. It is very much fast for you to go with the right products, advantages, flaws, and prices. But when any customer is heading to get their services, they always take a look at the different hosting prices, and for that, they always seek the benefits that they can get by taking A2hosting hosting services. 

Why choose A2hosting hosting services

When you are going to choose any of the A2hosting hosting plan 2022, then you can see that customers always want to know why to get their plans for hosting services. Well, for these things, the answer is here with top features that are unique and you can have a great hosting service for these features in there. 

Page loading time

 As per a report, it is seen that many customers leave the site in between if the page loads slow. For that reason, you must make the website load fast and for that, you need to have good hosting services. In such cases, you can go with  A2 hosting services and ask them to host your websites. They are giving fast hosting for the servers and the response time is best as usual. Noone wants that the page gets a high bounce rate and customers leave it in the middle and for that reason, you can choose  A2hosting hosting services and it comes under 350 ms for loading. 


Uptime is the next important thing when it comes to hosting. There must be good uptime so that your website runs smoothly. If you look at A2hosting, then they have got a 99.9 percent uptime for you. This is possible as they use top-of-the-line servers and for that reason, they can reach such excellent uptime. 


The customers who are in search of hiring a good developer web hosting services, then it is a good idea for you to go with it. The provider is good in developer tools and they come with many plans and advanced features for the developers. You can find all kinds of tools present in there and it is the best way by which you can go and get the things done easily for the website.  

There are features like Server Rewind backups, up-to-date versions of all tools and you can get an administrative level of root access on the virtual servers. The tools that come up-to-date are PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, and MySQL. 

Control panels and Softaculous

If you are searching for the A2 hosting bundles with cPanel, then it is good for you to go with A2hosting. But A2hosting can’t modify the control panel that comes with hosting packages. So, for that reason, it is very much familiar with cPanel and it comes from hosts as well. So, it offers you Softaculous as well which is a one-click installer and the users can easily install Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and many more. 

Opening email accounts

 When you are going for websites, the need for email accounts is very much important. Each customer search for an A2hosting hosting plan 2022 where it offers free email accounts. In this case, you can get it by availing of the top plans of A2hosting and then can set up the accounts easily. You can get unlimited email address accounts by upgrading to premium and top-tier plans in A2Hosting.  

Customer support

Every customer search for a good customer support system and for that reason it is good for you to go with A2hosting. They have got a dedicated platform where their customer support team works 24 X 7 for you. You can call them at any time for any kind of issue and the team of experts is always ready to help you in every possible manner. For that reason, many customers do not face any issues for a long time. 


While taking any  A2hosting hosting plan 2022 each customer takes a look at the price of the plans. You will find many web hosting plans and from that, you can choose the plan which provides you with the best features as per your need. You can pay for it monthly or even in a yearly format. Apart from that, the company provides you with offers and discounts for the customers who avail it yearly and can get the plans at less price. So, if you are in thoughts of getting these hosting plans, then you can contact A2hosting and can take a look at the different plans and offers from them. 

So, these are the top features that you can get from the company. For all these things, it is seen that many customers are eager to book A2hosting for their services and get the best out of it easily. But the customers who want to see much detailed pricing list of the hosting services so that they can get the plans as per their needs, need to get to the below section. 

Pricing details of A2hosting

Here is the list of different plans and prices that A2hosting is offering for the customers. If you are in search of getting your hand on A2hosting hosting prices then it is the right time for you to go with the below price details. You will find all its plans and pricing for each plan with its features and benefits that a customer can avail from that plan. 

Shared hosting

It is considered to be one of the most common hosting services and most of the customers prefer to get it. When you will avail of such hosting services, then you will get all entry-level features that can be used in your site. Take a look at the  A2hosting hosting prices for different plans. 

·      Start Up

If you are going for this plan, you need to pay $10.99 per month. It is best for 1 website and in this plan, you will get 100 GB SSD storage, easy site migration, and money-back guarantee features as well. 

·      Drive

The customers who want to get this plan need to pay $12.99 per month. In this plan, you can get unlimited websites with unlimited SSD storage. Apart from that, you will get free automatic backups and east site migration as well. 

·      Turbo boost

If you want to boost your website then you need to pay $20.99 per month. You will get unlimited websites, NVMe storage, free automatic backups, and easy site migration as well. In this plan, you will have a 20X faster speed. 

·      Turbo Max

If you want to get this plan then you can get it at $25.99 per month. On this website, you will get an unlimited website, unlimited NVMe storage with free automatic backups. Apart from that, you will get Turbo speed which is 20X faster with 5X more resources. 

VPS hosting

If you have got a medium or large-sized website then VPS hosting is best for you all. It comes with the following plans for you. 

·      Lift 4 

In this plan, you need to pay $59.99 per month. After that, you will be getting 4 GB RAM with 150 GB SSD storage. You can have 2 TV transfers with 2 CPU Cores along with free SSL, website migration, and free server management. 

·      Lift 8 

The next plan is available for you at $84.99 per month. In this plan, you will get 8 GB RAM with 6 cores. It provides you with 250 GB SSD storage and 3 TB transfer and you can have all other features same as in Lift 4. 

·      Lift 16

The plan is available at $99.99 per month. In the plan, you can get 16 GB RAM with 8 Cores and 450 GB SSD storage with 4 TB transfer features. The rest of the features is the same as in the above. 

Dedicated servers 

For the customers who want to get a dedicated server which is only for them, then they can get a dedicated server from here. But to get it, you need to pay more and it starts from $99.59 per month. The customers who want to get a dedicated server for the developers can get the following plans. 

·      Sprint

This plan starts from $99.59 per month and in this, you will have 8 GB RAM with 2 X 500 GB storage. Apart from that, you will get a 10 TB transfer facility with 2 Cores and Intel 3.1+ GHz. 

·      Exceed

The next plan is to exceed and for that, you need to pay $165.99 per month. You will get the same facilities with 15 TB transfer with 4 Cores and Intel Xeon 2.4+ GHz. 

·      Mach

It is the top plan and for that, you need to pay $248.99 per month. Here you will get 16 GB RAM with 2 X 1000 GB storage and 20 TB transfer. Moreover, you will get 8+ cores with 2X Intel Xeon 2.1+ GHz as well. 

So, these are the top hosting plans and you can get all the A2hosting hosting prices from here easily. So, by taking a look at these, you can now choose which plan is good for you and your needs. 

Is it good?

 The most important question that a customer always asks when they go for any hosting service provider. So, if you are in search of knowing how well is their services, then it is the right time for you to go with A2hosting hosting reviews.  In such a review you can get things in a good way and can see how different customers are saying about the hosting services. For that reason, it is a good thing for you to look at the A2hosting hosting reviews and get the best things for it. So, if you are in thoughts of getting a better service in each segment, going through these reviews will help you a lot. Apart from that these reviews also help you in getting the right things for you without any problem. So, for that reason, you can go with these reviews and take a look at the domain hosting services.

But when it comes to the different kinds of features, plans and price lists, you can see there will be always a range of dissatisfaction among the customers. For that reason, you should go with the A2hosting ratings.  There you can find that different customers have given ratings for their different services, way of working and other things and from that, you can get a good idea about how good are they. So, if you want to take a look at the A2hosting company overview then do take a look at the A2hosting ratings. These ratings will show you that how good is it for you to choose the hosting service provider.  


 If you look at A2 hosting, then it is a good hosting provider for you all. It comes with many plans and different price lists as well and for that, you can go with the fast speeds that each customer always wants to have. 

The experience of having them as your hosting provider is always good and they make sure that there are no major issues in the hosting services. When you will look at the  A2hosting company overview then you can see the ratings, reviews, and experience of different customers are always positive and they always recommended new users to try A2hosting for once. If you want to get in touch with us and want to ask about different plans and prices then you can visit the official website to get more details.