Review Of BlueHost: Are They The Best in The Market?

Bluehost Hosting Review

Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost is one of the most recognized hosting brands in the world and is currently powering nearly 2 million websites around the world. If you look at the BlueHost hosting then you can see that it offers its customers a huge range of services for web hosting. You can get almost all kinds of things that you need for hosting and gaining your customers each day. Whether you want to get a personal website or an online business website, BlueHost hosting is one of the best choices for you all. 

They have got shared and WordPress hosting services to builder tools as well for your website. 

Apart from these features, the other reason for which customers prefer to go with it is for BlueHost hosting prices.  There are several hosting service providers who all are there out giving top plans but to get the cheap and best plans,  BlueHost hosting is the best company. They provide you most affordable plans and you can get the best out of them by paying less per month. The features that you will get from the BlueHost will make your website a top one with all optimized things in it.

The customers who want to take hosting services from Bluehost hosting but wondering the reasons, then they must read it. Here they can find all the top reasons for which you can know that why they are the best in the market and can handle millions of websites worldwide. To make it easy for you to know about it, you can take a look at the below reasons.

Why they are best?

The customers who are searching for the reasons for which they must opt for BlueHost are here as follows.

Creation of email

 The very first thing that you need to create is an email. It is very much needed for everything and if you are into a business or blogging website, then you have to use your email platform frequently. So, when you are taking Bluehost services, then you can get the creation of the email feature in its plans. To get more details about the different plans, check out  BlueHost hosting plan 2022. You can create starting from 1 email to several email addresses as you go for different plans.


The next important thing that you need to check the uptime of hosting services. If you look at the Bluehost services, then as per users’ data, it has a score of 99.99 percent uptime. Moreover, there is some time when you can see it score a perfect 100 percent uptime for the users as well. Furthermore, the best thing to get to the company is they allow the users to cancel the hosting agreements without you need to pay any fees for canceling. With such a great uptime providing by providers, you need not have to think much if you are looking for a 100 percent uptime for the websites.

Loading speed

When any user visits any website, they wait for few seconds for the loading of the website. If the website loads slowly then they navigate to other websites and you lose your customer and traffic. For that reason, it is very much important that you must get your website load fast and for that, you must go for fast loading speed. In such cases, BlueHost is the one that can help you in it and it provides you with 422 ms page load speed. Apart from this, if you want to get more loading speed then you can upgrade your plan. 

As per the plan, you can get more loading speeds and can make your website fast and high-performance. 


If you have an e-commerce page then fast page load times are very much important. There are some websites, whose pages are slow, and for that many customers get irritated and they leave the site in search of others. For that reason, 

there are high bounce rates with losses and low conversion rates as well. If that is happening with your page, then you can take the help of Cloudflare. This feature is available with BlueHost and it helps in storing the network of servers and cached versions of the website. 

So, when any customer visits your site, then it helps in receiving the browser content from Cloudflare and thus reduces the response and loading time for the customers. 

Customer support

The next most important thing that a customer search on the website is the customer support system. It must be easy to access and simple and one can easily get solutions to various problems as well. In case you are facing any kind of issues and want a solution to it, then the customer support system is excellent and they work 24 X 7 for you. For that reason, it is always the best thing to come and get BlueHost servers for hosting. 


Last but not least, is the pricing and everyone wants to get the best price for it. The customers who are searching for the best hosting services and want a good one must look at Bluehost hosting prices.  There you can get many plans and can look at the different prices that you want to get as per your needs.

So, these are the top reasons for which you can see that why customer goes for them. There are many other reasons as well but these factors are the ones that make things simple and interesting as per your needs. So, the customer who wants to get the latest BlueHost hosting plan 2022 then can take a look at the following plans from BlueHost. 

Plans of BlueHost hosting services

So, here is the list of different Bluehost hosting plans 2022 and you can get all the price details easily. So, if you want to get the right Bluehost hosting prices then get a look at the things below. 

Shared Hosting plans

basic you are interested in running only one site, then it is good for you to go with the basic sharing plan. For this, you need to pay $2.95 per month, and then it will get auto-renew at the end of the month. In this plan, you will get features like it supports 1 website, gives you 50 GB SSD storage, customizable themes, free domain for a year, with CDN and SSL certificate. 

  • Plus 

The customer who wants to run multiple websites then gets the Plus shared plans. For this plan, you will get $5.45 per month and they get unlimited websites, with unlimited SSD storage. Apart from that, you will get custom themes with free CDN and SSL certificates and Office 365 for 30 days. 

  • Choice Plus 

If you want to run multiple websites with extra security and privacy, then get the choice plus plan for $5.45 per month. The top features that you will get from here are the same as Plus but you will have free domain privacy and free automated backup for 1 year as an additional feature. 

  • Pro

In this plan, you can get optimized and more powerful websites and it starts from $13.95 per month. The plan is the same as that of Choice Plus but the additional thing that you will get is a free dedicated IP for the website. 

Dedicated hosting

  • Standard

The customer who wants to get 4 cores with a 2.3 GHz system can opt for the plan. 

In the plan, you will get 500 GB storage with 4 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth, and 3 IP addresses for the website. You can get the plan by paying $79.99 per month. 

  • Enhanced

To get this plan, you have to pay $99.99 per month. In this plan, a customer will get 4 cores with 2.5 GHz. Furthermore, you will have 1 TB storage with 8 GB RAM and 10 TB bandwidth, and nearly 4 IP addresses as well. 

  • Premium 

The plan costs around $119.99 per month and in this plan, you will get 5 IP addresses with 15 TB bandwidth, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB storage, and 4 cores with 3.3 GHz. 

VPS hosting

  • Standard

The customer who wants to get VPS hosting can get it easily by paying $18.99 per month. In this plan, they will get 2 cores with 30 GB SSD storage for the system along with 2 GB RAM, 1 IP address, and 1 TB bandwidth. 

  • Enhanced

The next VPS plan that you can get is by paying $29.99 per month. When you will avail of this plan, you will get 2 cores along with 60 GB SSD storage, 4 GB RAM, 2 IP addresses, and 2 TB bandwidth.  

  • Ultimate 

The last plan that a user can get is an ultimate plan and it comes and one can get it by paying $59.99 per month. In this plan, you can get 4 cores, 120 GB SSD storage, 8 GB RAM along with 3 TB bandwidth and 2 IP addresses.  

So, these are the three BlueHost hosting plans for 2022 and you can get to see all the top features in them. If you are in plan to get any of the hosting plans, then the very first thing that you need to see is the price. It is very much important to see the price and for that, you can go and search for the plans along with Bluehost hosting prices for each plan. There you can get all the details easily. 

An overview

When any customers are thinking to get the best hosting service providers, then they search for it on the internet. While they are searching for them, they always go through various things like prices, plans, features and many more. In such cases, BlueHost is the best choice for you all. If you look at the Bluehost company overview then you can find that it comes with many features. This company is one of the oldest ones and is serving its customers for more than a decade now. If you want to get more information and other things, then do take a look at the  Bluehost company overview. 

In the overview, you can see that it shows all the detailed information about the company. Apart from that, there you can get an idea about the different plans and other things for you without any more searching. But some customers search for things intensely and want everything best for themselves. In such cases, they prefer to take a look at the reviews and ratings from different customers who all used the services. 

To get hold of  BlueHost hosting reviews you can visit the official website or any review sites and there can look at the reviews. All the reviews posted are verified and it is from legit customers who all use the services in the past or using it currently. By looking at the  BlueHost hosting reviews you can get a whole idea about how is the company and is its services and how good are they in providing different services for you. 

So, it is always the best idea for you to go and take a look at the  BlueHost hosting reviews for better understanding and information. 

Is it recommended?

This is one of the most important things as everyone searches that how many people recommend this for your hosting services. In such cases, it is best for you to go for the  Bluehost ratings from its users. You can find that these Bluehost ratings are based on overall company performances to each plan that they offer to the customers. If you want to take their services and wonder about how is the services after few months, then looking at the ratings from the users will make it clear for you. Apart from that, when you are going for the Bluehost ratings then you can see they have got ratings for everything, and for that, they can go for it easily. 

For that reason, it is always the best idea for you to get to the different websites and take a look at the service provider services and see the ratings as well. It will help you in knowing how good is BlueHost services and why you must opt for them for hosting.