Why Choose GoDaddy as Your Web Hosting?

Godaddy Hosting

Godaddy Hosting

Doing business in the current world is very much difficult as the competition is getting high each day. To reach the customers and bring new customers to your business, you need a website and for that, you need to buy a domain name. It is a very much important thing for creating a website and choosing the right web hosting agency is difficult. If you are in search of one then you can contact GoDaddy hosting.  Godaddy is one of the tops and largest hosting providers and all its services are fast and reliable for you as well. 

Apart from these features, when you are availing of GoDaddy hosting features, you can get them at an affordable price. The hosting price of the agency comes under one of the cheapest plans and it is the best platform from where you can host your website. If you are going with GoDaddy hosting services, then you can get customize website builder and you can manage all WordPress hosting features. You will not regret getting services from one of the largest domain registrar and the price you pay to get services from them will not make you feel bad at any point. 

Why take hosting rights from GoDaddy?

If you are searching for a web hosting provider who provides quality hosting rights, then GoDaddy is the one. As per research by BuiltWith, GoDaddy host 1 in every 20 websites. Currently, they are having nearly 20 million customers and handle more than 80 million domains. The figures show how huge is their network and why they are one of the biggest and top web hosting agencies in the world.  

For all these reasons, it is always best for a client to go with  GoDaddy hosting services. Apart from that, they have got a range of plans and you can get details by searching Godaddy hosting plan.  Apart from these GoDaddy hosting plans, the agency offers a range of features for which you must choose GoDaddy as your web hosting partner. 

There is no doubt when you are searching for the best hosting prices and GoDaddy hosting prices comes as a suggestion. 

GoDaddy offers a range of plans and it helps you in CMS on WordPress. Furthermore, different clients have a different set of requirements and GoDaddy Hosting services make sure to provide as per your needs.  

When you take a look at the  GoDaddy Hosting reviews, then you must go through the features that the agency provides. It will bring clarity and make you realize why there is always positive  GoDaddy hosting reviews from the clients for the agency. 

 Reason to choose them

The clients who all are looking forward to availing hosting services, then you need a range of top features in the services. When you take GoDaddy services, it comes with many features and some of the top features are here below. 

  • Price for plans

The very first thing that you will avail of from GoDaddy is its affordable and cheap GoDaddy hosting plans.  This price list shows that it is one of the cheapest prices among other hosting service providers. Here, you can get unlimited bandwidth for yourself based on GRID platforms. So, for that reason, it is a limited amount of dollars and if you want to check the plans and want to decide which is best for you, then check the GoDaddy hosting plans.

  • Customer Support

The next important thing that each client wants from the company is a better customer support system. In that case, the company provides you with 24 X 7 customer services and the staff are very much experienced and trained for all issues. They help you in sorting out issues and can help you in providing the technical expertise in case of any issues. If you are facing any kind of problems that is related to the website, then you can contact them at any time and they will solve the query for you. 

  • Loading speed

The loading speed of your web page is an important factor as it is seen that website that loads slow, customers ditch it. So, for that reason, you must have a fast loading speed and GoDaddy provides you with the fastest loading speed for the website. It is for that reason, you can see that  GoDaddy ratings are always high and all customers love to avail themselves of the services. The GoDaddy never lets your website down as per website speed and it is always committed to offer you the fastest speed 24 hours. 

  • File Manager

There are many times when you don’t have any FTP access than with the help of an online file manager, then you can add, edit and delete the files as well. When you take up  GoDaddy hosting it provides you with an online file manager feature. With the help of it, you can edit, delete or make changes as per your need anytime and anywhere. 

  • FTP access based on browser 

The customers who want to download or even upload any kind of files without any FTP files, then with the help of GoDaddy you can do it as well. They provide you with the best Hosting Control Centre and it will help you to get any files downloaded from anywhere without the need for FTP access. 

  • Domain search

In this fast world, everything needs to be done in a good and fast manner and for that, you need smart ways. In such times, it is good for you to go with the smart search for any kind of domain. All you have to do is to enter the domain and keyword and you need it in your domain and it will show all the complete list of things for you. It easily matches the keywords and reduces the time and stress level of finding your right domain name. 

  • Security

If you wondering about high GoDaddy ratings then it is for its protection and security for the customers. When you are going for any hosting rights, the need for security and protection is very much important and for that, you search for a top agency. But in GoDaddy, you can get great security from any kind of cyber threats and frauds and also from malicious attacks on your website. 

So, these are some of the top features and reasons for which you must go with GoDaddy and make things simple for you. If you are interested in taking up their hosting services, then you must know all about the GoDaddy hosting plan.   GoDaddy comes with different hosting plans with different  GoDaddy hosting prices as per your needs and you can choose any of the plans as per your requirement. 

 Plans offered by Godaddy for hosting

The customers who are looking for detail  GoDaddy hosting prices can go through the below. 

Shared Hosting

The first kind of GoDaddy hosting plan that it provides you is shared hosting. This hosting plan is best for small, business, and personal websites. The hosting prices for such websites are very cheap and it comes in different plans for you with different features. 

  • Economy plan-  This plan will cost you $2.99 per month. In this plan, you will get 100GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, business email, free domain, and 24 X 7 Support. 
  • Deluxe Plan- It will cost you around $4.00 per month. In this plan, you will get unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, and all features of economic plans.
  • Ultimate plan- 

This plan will cost you $5.99 per month. You will get features like a free SSL certificate, unlimited databases, double processing power, unlimited storage, websites, and unmetered bandwidth.

  • Maximum plan- 

it will cost you $12.99 per month. The plan comes with double processing power, the free SSL certificate for the full term, double site traffic, double memory, unlimited storage, unlimited websites. 

WordPress Hosting

The next kind of hosting service that you can avail of from GoDaddy is WordPress Hosting and if you want to know about  GoDaddy hosting prices for it, then look at the below plans.

  • Basic-  It will cost you around $4.99 per month and it comes with single websites with traffic up to 25,000 and storage of 10 GB. 
  • Deluxe-  This plan will cost you $7.99 per month and it will give you 1 website with traffic up to 100,000 and a storage of 15GB maximum. 
  • Ultimate-  The next plan that you can get by paying $9.99 and it will support up to 400,000 traffic visitors per month. It will give you 2 websites and a storage of 30 GB. 
  • Pro5+- The last plan that you can get from here is this with a price of $24.99 per month. It will support up to 800,000 visitors and comes with 5-50 websites and storage space up to 200 GB. 

Business hosting

If you are having any business and want to create a website for your company, then avail business hosting plans. GoDaddy hosting Plan comes with many sub-plans and here is the list of them. 

  • Launch – It starts at $19.99 per month and comes with features of 2 GB RAM and 1 CPU. In this plan, you will get 60 GB of storage. 
  • Enhance – This plan starts at $34.99 per month and comes with 4 GB RAM and 2 CPUs and gives you 90 GB storage. 
  • Grow –  The plan starts at $44.99 per month and it comes with 6 GB RAM and 3 CPUs and a storage of 120 GB. 
  • Expand-  It comes at $59.99 per month and provides you with 150 GB storage with 8 GB RAM and 4 CPUs. 

VPS Hosting

The next kind of hosting service that you can get from GoDaddy is VPS hosting. The plans you can get by looking at GoDaddy hosting prices are here.

  • Launch – The cost of this plan is $29.99 and it has got storage of 40 GB with 2 GB RAM and 1 CPU
  • Enhance – the next plan cost around $49.99 and it comes with 60 GB storage and gets a 4GB RAM with 2 CPU
  • Grow – If you are going for it then it cost around $59.99 per month and gives you 150 GB storage with 6 GB RAM and 3 CPU
  • Expand – the last plan will cost you around $74.99 per month and gives you 200 GB storage with 8 GB RAM and 4 CPUs. 

Dedicated server

If you are in search of a dedicated server provider, then visiting GoDaddy is the best option for you. Here is the list of plans for you

  • Economy – for this plan you need to pay $89.99 per month and you will get 1 TB storage with 4 GB RAM
  • Value- if you are going for it, then you need to pay $104.99 per month and you will get 8 GB RAM with 1.5 TB storage
  • Deluxe- if you take this plan then $129.99 with 16 GB RAM and 2 TB storage
  • Ultimate- you need to pay $179.99 per month and for that you can get 32 GB memory and 2 TB storage

So, these are the top  GoDaddy hosting plans that you can avail of by visiting the official website and selecting the plans as per your requirements and other features.


When you are thinking about any top hosting company, then getting in touch with GoDaddy is the best option for you. They are the top hosting provider in the world and you can avail of their services at an affordable price as well. Apart from that, you can get other services as well, and if you can get more details about it by searching for GoDaddy company overview. In the company overview, you can see why they are best and how they all provide different services to the customers. You can get whole details about different plans, features, and other support systems by searching for the GoDaddy company overview.

In this  GoDaddy company overview, you can also get to see ratings from different customers from around the world. When you are availing of any kind of services, then it is very much important for you to take the GoDaddy ratings into considerations as it shows how good is the company. Furthermore, the rating is not for an only company but it is for different services and features as well. So, it is always a good idea to check the  GoDaddy ratings before considering any kind of service. But to be honest, if you are looking for the top and best web hosting provider, then GoDaddy is the one. They are the top agency and handles nearly millions of websites in the world without any major issues in their services and other features.